About Misty

Get to know Misty

Misty Flowers has lived in Whatcom County for over 20 years. She moved here because of the incredible beauty and stayed to raise her family because of the diverse, inclusive, creative community of Whatcom County. As a performing musician, small business owner, avid home gardener and advocate for Informed Consent, she has worked with a lot of people in Whatcom County over the years, people with many differing perspectives, occupations and lifestyles. But people aren’t really all that different; we all want our basic needs met and the opportunity to be prosperous! Misty Flowers’ leadership will bring balance to local government so it can work better for us all! Misty’s plan is to evaluate current budget shortcomings and reallocate funding to support functional infrastructure, economic development, environmental resiliency, and evidence-based programs for a thriving county.

Professional Experience

  • Small Business Owner
  • Management
  • Organic Gardener, Herbalist, and Seed Saver
  • Human Rights and Civil Rights Advocate
  • Wellness Educator and Coach
  • Music Performer


  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2012
  • Whatcom Community College, 2007
  • Shasta Community College, 2000