Current Issues

Misty Flowers has experience bringing people together for a common purpose. She represents Leadership with Integrity.

Criminal Justice

The current policy of booking restrictions and transporting inmates to other counties is unsustainable. The lack of action to build a functional jail is causing a huge increase in crime and an abrupt end to safe streets in Whatcom County.  Misty Flowers’ goal is to get people working together to take action on building a facility to manage criminal justice appropriately, so that our law enforcement can do their jobs and our streets can be safe again. The way Whatcom County is managing criminal behavior is unacceptable, and the lack of safety in our streets IS avoidable. Misty Flowers is solutions-oriented and dedicated to supporting a safe and friendly Whatcom County for all.

Mental Health Services

Our county is extremely lacking in mental health support, and we need to create a facility that can provide many avenues for addressing mental health concerns. A facility that is large enough to support community engagement would go a long way to support mental health for those struggling.  The isolation and disconnection of the last three years has contributed to a mental health crisis in our county, and it’s time to repair those severed ties. Give people a sense of purpose, and you give them a reason to heal. Misty Flowers has creative ideas for addressing Mental Health in our community, starting with a Community Center that holds garden space for people to reconnect to nature and their food again.


Like most issues, housing is not a black and white issue. We have seen many people struggle to maintain housing in Whatcom County due to the rising cost of living. For the homeowner, taxes and rental forgiveness caused many homeowners to be financially stretched beyond their means. For others, the increase in rent is making it impossible to live in Whatcom County. Misty Flowers’ solution is for our County Government to be more discerning on property taxes, which affect the homeowner AND renter.  We can’t keep raising property taxes and expect housing to be stable.

We also need to address the Prop5 fraud that led to an increase in property taxes against the will of the people in 2022. There are many creative ways for addressing housing issues in Whatcom County, but  ALL voices must be considered involving open-minded leadership to create long-standing solutions to Whatcom County’s ever growing housing needs.

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